Thursday Journal | Lessons on R&R



This is the second and last day of my staycation. As always I made a list and was determined to cross items off my list.  I did end up accomplishing quite a bit and managed to have fun by allowing the day’s surprises to leade me by the  hand in the form of open parking space and allowing last minute curiosity to take place. My day was simple but brought so many little joys:

1  Morning coffee and breakfast of Thomas muffin with strawberry jam with hard boiled egg while still in my pj’s. Drinking coffee while still in my pj’s is my idea of a perfect morning.

2. A little bit of reading

3. Left the house to drop off clothes at cleaners. (Finally, I have been trying to do this for almost a year now! Ha! Ha!) CHECK!

4. Then saw a parking space by Temescal Alley — a really cool alley that was a former horse stable that has been transformed into art galleries, cafe, fancy donut shop, boutique, bookstore etc.  I grabbed the spot and went to the alley to browse and take pictures! (And proud to say that this is my hood!)

5. Dropped  donations off  at Goodwill then went thrift store shopping. Got a pretty soap dish for 99 cents! (I have been trying to drop donations off for months as well!) CHECK!

6. I was just driving when I had the idea to drive to Ikea which was just down the street. What a fun shopping experience! I forgot how much fun (and how cheap!) going to Ikea is. It has been many years since I last went. I got a bagful of fun things for the house for $30. I also had lunch there and of course I had to have the famed Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy! (And okay, I could not resist the cream cake with raspberry which is really a Princess cake!) SCORE!

When I got home the BF was already home waiting. It turned out to be a fun day. And I actually learned two lessons during this staycation:

  • LESSON #1 : One day is not enough. Two days are perfect to achieve that level of rest and relaxation. The first day is really  just for resting and getting my bearings back again. The second day is for exploring.
  • LESSON #2:  Planning my day  is not really what works best for me. Chores and errands are not an issue. it is telling myself that I must go somewhere to have fun. I was planning to go to Crissy Field which is a beautiful open park by the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. I was not feeling it though and when I do not go I feel guilty. Serendipity works for me —  like coming upon an open parking spot, finding little alleys and hidden gems, and just letting the day take me to where it wants me to be, instead of tryng to find my way.

So grateful for life’s little surprises, simple joys and rest for the body and spirit!


Wednesday Journal: Cinnamon Apple Toasts and Coffee




This is the first day of my two day staycation.  I had big plans to get out of the house to run errands, do chores but not in a hurried way. Well, except the bf came home from work at noon! I guess I should be thankful and flattered that he likes to hangout with me. I did not have the heart to leave him by himself at home. I just decided to stay with him on the couch while he napped and watched TV all afternoon while I created my WordPress blog. This was born out of frustration which I wrote about here. I have also been wanting to create a backup blog just in case something happens to my Tumblr blog for some reason.  So I guess my day off  has not been wasted after all.  And at least I got to enjoy my breakfast of caramel apple toast wtih honey and a hot cup of coffee while still in my pjs when the bf left for work that morning. I also got to watch a movie on my Kindle at dawn before breakfast . These unhurried quiet and coffee moments at home are my definitions of pure bliss! And I stayed up until past 1 am  that evening (or morning) snacking and reading blogs! Just like during my high school and college days which were many lifetime ago!


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