Welcome to The Sweet Life!  Please call me Jas. I love food most particularly pastries. (Hmmm, pastries!) I consider each day as a beautiful adventure filled with simple joys. I have always kept a diary since I was a little girl about what I want to be when I grow up, places I want to visit and life’s lists. The Sweet Life is my now my grown-up on-line diary. I work in San Francisco by day and a home chef in my kitchen across the bay at night. I will always be a girl at heart forever. During my breaks, you will find me exploring SF’s nooks and crannies while having my old but trusty Nikon as my companion. This blog is a mix of delicious restaurant reviews, simple photography, lunch dates with BFF, a splash of Saturday romance, Sundays with my family, little joys and my everyday life.

2016: To set foot somewhere I have never been to  before, visit old places and rekindle old friendships, cherish my friends, appreciate each moment with my family, savor every meal, hold on to faith and hope, be thankful everyday and simply enjoy life!

In love with life and always thinking about what to eat next! That’s me!

I work in San Francisco and live across the bay in a lovely neighborhood with lots of trees, and where wine bars and cafes are just a skip and a hop away.

The Sweet Life  is my playground. This is where I store memories of delicious meals with my BF, friends and family. You will find many accounts of fun date nights with my BF who is patient enough to let me take pictures of his food before he gets to eat them. I am so grateful that he fully supports my love of eating and food photography – no matter where it takes him and how crazy the idea might be.

On my blog, you will read about food adventures with my fellow foodie and BFF Heather. You will find us gallivanting all over San Francisco during our lunch time  and random afternoon offs checking out the yummiest food craze. We are truly BFFs not just  because our hearts understand each other but we both love all things sweet and savory!

Then there is my Filipino family. Bless their hearts for the loud parties and sumptuous feasts that they put together and invite me to. And for all the love a heart could only take.



  • I am Filipina and Proud! 🙂
  • I work in San Francisco and live in an exciting foodie neighborhood in North Oakland with my BF and fluffy Siamese cat. 
  • We live in a cozy house that was built in the early 1920’s with hardwood floors and brick fireplace, and a backyard the size of a postage stamp where squirrels love to play.
  • Since my guy and I started dating 8 years ago, we go out on date nights almost every single Saturday night.
  • I enjoy food and consider myself a recovering foodie. I stopped chasing the latest food craze, and just eat what I am craving for at the moment. I also have no patience waiting in line for 2 hours (or even 20 minutes!) just to try the newest hype!
  • I inherited my “foodie-ness” from my dad. One of my first dining memories is eating sashimi at age 8. Every Sunday, my parents would take us to different restaurants in Metro Manila — from fine dining to  totally “off the beaten path”/“hole in the wall” places.
  • My favorite meals are lunch and afternoon tea. Not a brunch lover here unless I cook it at home in my pj’s!
  • Wanderlust has bit me at a very young age. I have always dreamed of traveling the world since I was 8 or 9 years old. When I was a teenager, my dad took me with him on a business trip to Hong Kong. We had breakfast every morning but I was left to explore Hong Kong on my own while he was going to his meetings. We would meet up at night for dinner. It was the first time that the travel bug has bit me and wanderlust just became insatiable.
  • I love to travel and have been to many countries including Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, South America (Panama and Colombia), US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, British Columbia, etc.
  • My ultimate fantasy is to have an apartment in Madrid and Sevilla. I fell in love with Madrid when I visited. If I were to become super-wealthy, I will have a flat in these cities and eat tapas/drink sangria everyday! 🙂


Every day blessings. Warm home. Voracious appetites.  Intoxicating bubbles.  Sound of tinkling wine glasses. Afternoon teas. Meals shared among friends. Sweet cravings. Warm crusty bread. Hearing the laughter of my loved ones.  Family meals. Mom and Dad. Saturday brunch at home with my BF.  My entire family all over the globe.  BFF. Loyal friends for life. Crackling wood in the fireplace.  Warm hugs. Passion. Chocolates. Happiness. Wanderlust. Sunny days. Rain and thunderstorms. Warm soft quilt. Freshly baked pastries. Princess cake. Getting lost in a good book. Feeling safe and cozy. Hot coffee. God’s loving kindness. Serendipity. Little escapes. Perfect moments.  The simple life.

With all of these, life is just right. 


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