Monday Journal | A Respite From Everyday Life


“We must listen to our precious and beautifully orchestrated bodies, be gentle with self, heal self…. Even if the boredom seems to be making us feel even worse.”


My teammate texted me these words of wisdom. They were so beautifully worded that I want to remember them. Actually at the end of her text she added “Summer reads?”

I already scheduled to take a couple of days off from Wednesday to Thursday because I am maxing out on vacation time. (Yes, such a nice problem to have!) I also badly needed a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday commuting, running from one meeting to another, 2 o’ clock lunches, etc.  On Monday, however, I had to take off because I woke up with a pretty bad abdominal pain. No worries, I am 100 percent better again as I am writing this but it was when I was sick when received those texts. She added “ Summer reads?” because I told her that I was bored, And the power of words! As soon I read her message  I decided to embrace the day instead of fighting it. (I hate, hate calling in sick!)

So i ate my comfort food which is a bowl of rice porridge with meatballs, drank hot chocolate, read my cozy mystery and slept all afternoon! This is when I know that I am truly sick — when I get to take a nap. I just cannot on any given day.

As much as I hate being sick sometimes life gives us a break because we really need it. And I realize that when I do get sick my body is telling me that it is time to  slow down. As my friend puts it our bodies are beautifully orchestrated and we need to be gentle with it. Amen to that!



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