July in Pictures


JULY – In my world summer does not really begin until July 4th. Of course that is just me. Summer officially started on June 23rd this year. I have to say that I am really enjoying this season  because I had lots of fun under the sun without having too much sun. (Translation: It is not a very hot summer season this year which I love!)

Here are the highlights of my July:


  • Cat Town Cafe and Saturday Dinner: I wrote about our visit to the Cat Town Cafe here  before we went to a delicious dinner at  Teni East Kitchen during the 4th of July Weekend.
  • Double Date on Sunday: We met up with our family member and had a casual but oh-so-yummy outdoor dinner at Fourth Bore Taproom and Grill in Orinda. Our group devoured  pulled pork nachos with beans and lots of cheese while my main meal was shrimp and fish po-boy washed down by a rose. I was a piggy-wiggy, I know but no regrets!
  • Fourth of July Weekend: Weather was chilly and not necessarily summery.  No fireworks for us but the BF and and I saw fireworks from our porch. I just did not want him to spend money on fireworks plus it is not legal to light them where we live. I prepared a cheese board and grilled tri-tip. We stayed home all day resting and watching movies. Just me and him  but it was fun and cozy.


There were so many family gatherings on weekends that we considered them date nights as well.

  • BBQ Picnic at WildCat Canyon: WildCat Canyon is located in Richmond, CA which is just about 30 minutes from SF, this park was so serene with lots of shady trees. It was  a picnic with the bf’s family and cousins 5 times removed, I think, that he himself could not recognize his own relatives from strangers. It was an afternoon of fun, tons of food, champagne and wine, and mariachi bands!
  • House of Prime Rib: BF and I took his parents to House of Prime Rib in SF for their birthdays. Delicious food coma at this SF dining institution but so worth it!
  • Beach, dining and dancing at:  A week later, more eating and partying. I wrote about this wonderful night here and here at Nick’s Restaurant in Pacifica.


  • Sunday Family Lunch: I did not get to see my family and did not get to attend church for 3 weeks because I let the bf drive my car while his was in the shop. It was so nice to see my sister, nephew and bro in law once again and got to enjoy Filipino lunch with them. It was really an international buffet of tri-tip, musubi, sinigang (beef in sour broth), embutido (meat roll) and ripe mangoes. And of course I got to play with my 3 month old baby nephew!


  • Sashimi Meet-Up at the SF Mall: BFF and I met up at the SF Shopping Center Food Court. (The food court in SF is not your generic food court with chain eateries. It is a foodies’ food court.) We enjoyed spring rolls and sashimi over rice, and able to celebrate the first of July together! (And as always she spoiled me with a pretty card with bees, face mask and lotion!)
  • Crepe hunt in SF: A fun lunch time of two gals craving crepes.  I wrote about it here.
  • GBF’s Birthday Celeb at Max’s: It is becoming a tradition for me and GBF to celebrate his birthday at Max’s Opera Cafe in SF. For two years in a row we have tried to go to another restaurant but it is always packed. We ended up at Max’s where we enjoy the live opera performance. GBF and I both had our Irish Cream Coffee and Bailey’s which we also ordered last year. His partner, the celebrant and I ordered salad, a basket of fries and loaded nachos. Yum!


  • Work Receptions: I love work receptions because = free eats and drinks! LOL! We had two in July where I enjoyed Mediterranean food from La Mediterranee while it was sliders and champagne galore on the second reception.
  • Sushi Croissant: Yes, you read it right!  A sushi-filled croissant from the famous Mr. Holmes Bakeshop (locations in SF, LA and Seoul). It was Mr.Holmes pastries galore at the party to celebrate a colleague’s end of internship. Verdict on sushi croissant? It was like eating a sushi roll with wasabi and option to dip it in soy sauce. Glad I tried it but next!


  • Summer at Castle Stone: Summer means = summer reads. Summer at Castle Stone is a  totally indulgent and cute summer chicklit based in Ireland. Check it out on Kindle if this is your cup of tea.


  • Visit it to City Hall: I have forgotten how beautiful and majestic this San Francisco architecture is. My team mates and I were mesmerized looking at the newly weds in their pretty gowns and tux one afternoon after attending a meeting at City Hall. I took a bunch of pictures but I will go back with my SLR camera to take more pictures and I will definitely post them. FYI, SF City Hall is a very beautiful venue in San Francisco to hold your wedding ceremony. *wink*


  • Fried Chicken Date Night at Home: It was not necessarily Saturday but the BF brought home a box of Popeye’s Fried Chicken with all the good stuff– mac & cheese, mashed potato and biscuits. O.M.G! It was a real treat for us!

I am thankful for  fun summertime moments over delicious meals with friends and family. I am grateful for the times spent with BFF until she returns, and another year of birthday celebration with GBF with plenty of laughs and reminiscing. I am so thankful for the blessings of my family and the joy that my baby nephew brings. And for the overwhelming blessings of delicious feasts at home and with every gathering. Thanks, July, for not being a very hot month unlike last year!

(@hungrygilrinsf – Miss you lots! xoxo)





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