June in Pictures



JUNE marks the beginning of summer. I will fondly remember June this year as a month of solitude. This month has provided me with rare days of quiet moments by myself while the bf was away on trips. For that I am very thankful as I always crave solitude yet it is so hard to find amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


  • Pastries, museum and the beach: I am also adding foreign movie night to the list. The bf was away on a work conference to Las Vegas. It gave me an opportunity to enjoy the things that I love doing except it is difficult when in a relationship. I wrote about my beautiful two-day break here.
  • Weekend by myself: It is a tradition in the bf’s family for all boys and men to go camping minus the women on Father’s Day. It was a quiet weekend for me of  relaxing at home, reading until I fell asleep and eating what I wanted including a rib eye steak with wine on Thursday night when the bf left for camping, and a healthy breakfast of tofu omelette with toast and coffee on Saturday morning.
  • Monday Jury Duty: I got another unexpected break when I was summoned to jury duty except I was released before I had to go in person. I spent my Monday making a pot of delicious jook, and reading. Here is my jook recipe.


There were so many family gatherings this month that our date nights and family parties  were one and the same.

  • Attended a taco party at a yacht club to celebrate a cousin’s graduation from college.
  • BBQ party that we hosted at our house to celebrate a  family member’s graduation from college.
  • Almost midnight Friday Mexican dinner the night before the party that we hosted.
  • Pizza delivery from Cybelle’s and just being lazy on the Saturday the bf returned from Las Vegas.


  • Get together with Kai at Tap 415 in SF where we ordered a bunch of appetizers — pretzels in cheddar sauce, fried cheese curds and po boy with wine and beer.
  • Lunch with amiga mejor at  Chai Bar in SF where we enjoyed quiche and chai.


  • Our church’s 13th anniversary celebration. A sumptuous luncheon was provided after the service. My brother, sister in law and I pigged out on so many yummy eats including lechon (roast pig), Korean beef and lots of Filipino desserts.
  • Lunch with my sister and her family after they came back from San Diego. They got me a big box of pastries from Porto’s — the famous Cuban bakery in LA


  • Another retirement of a co-worker with plenty of cupcakes, cheeses and sweet strawberries.
  • A fledging that we rescued when he managed to fly inside our building in the morning. He became our mascot for the day until a co-worker had to take him to SPCA at 5 pm where we were assured that he will be okay and will be free and flying again soon.
  • A McSausage and egg muffin breakfast that I  treated my team members to — just because — at $1 each — $20 total. I cannot remember the last time I’ve had McD. It was a fun treat for all of us.


  • Volunteer work to provide clothes to the homeless. In turn I feel humbled and blessed and also got fed a nice caprese sandwich.


  • Finally, a new couch to replace the one that my cat shredded to pieces. This one is a sectional. The bf has his section and I have mine. I love it! (Of course my cat is claiming it as his own!)


Donuts at work on National Donut Day | Potato Balls and Cheese Bread from Porto’s | Tacos | Margarita | Nachos | BBQ cooked by award-winning BBQ chef/friend | Princess cake and coffee for breakfast the morning after the bbq (heaven!) | Pretzels in cheese sauce | Fried cheese curd | Quiche | Chai | Tasted “Fireball Cinnamon Whisky” for the first time! | Lechon | McD Sausage and Egg muffin | Caprese sandwich | Musubi | Tea egg | jook | Ribeye steak | Tofu omelet | Fried tofu sandwich from Bakesale Betty’s | Strawberry shorcake also from Bakesale Betty’s | Fishcake Korean sushi

I am very grateful for the blessings of solitude and quiet moments by myself that are so hard to come by. I  am also thankful for the love of my family and the delicious and abundant meals shared among good friends and loved ones. I am very thankful the warmth and softness of home which is the sanctuary that I share with my guy and our cat, the security that work provides which in turn gives me the priviledge to provide for those who are less fortunate, and  for blessing me and my siblings with our dad and mom one again this Father’s Day even though they are in the Philippines.

Thank you, June. Hello, July!


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