A Small Dose of San Francisco History at Beach Chalet



















“Visit a museum” was on my list during my solo weekend in June. Most museums were about to close at almost 4 pm but Beach Chalet was still open and free.

Beach Chalet is known more as a restaurant and brew pub than a museum. The restaurant with an incredible view of Ocean Beach is on the second level while the brew pub/garden is on the border of Golden Gate Park.

The museum is located on the first floor. The colorful murals depict the lives of San Franciscans  during Depression era in the 1930s. The building was opened in 1925 and
served as a changing room for people frolicking about the ocean, which
is located across the street. Decades passed and eventually the building became run-down.  In 1997, the site was transformed into Beach Chalet Brewpub and Restaurant.

The ground floor’s striking frescoes, mosaics, tile works and wood carvings were
added in 1936-37  by French-born painter and clothing
designer Lucien Labaudt,  Labaudt recruited friends and family as
models, but several well-known figures were included.

I have been to Beach Chalet on few occasions. If you ever dine here  it will not be one of the best meals that you will eat in San Francisco. However, if you ever score a table with a view of Ocean Beach, I would say “go for it!” The outdoor garden is also very charming and relaxing.

I was able to spend a few moments of solitude at Beach Chalet  while admiring the murals, taking pictures and reading about a little bit of San Francisco’s history in the 1930s. It is a small space but it is free and the majestic Ocean is just right across from it.  I did not eat here but I drove across to Ocean Beach where I snacked on food that I got from Japan Town.

Few  beautiful moments of enjoying local history.  And I was able to do this
“Visit a museum”

100 Simple Joys # 54: A Visit To The Museum

06.09.16, Spring

Day 1: Pastry Haul | Day 2: Museum and Japanese snacks at the beach


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